Our Customers' Stories

At CertaPro Painters, our reputation is based on Certainty – your Certainty of a job well done. We focus on the quality of every project – interior & exterior – and we focus on the experience you have as our client.

We understand that painting is personal; and it's that understanding that shapes everything we do in creating an extraordinary customer experience. We work with an independent Quality Assurance Team that contacts every one of our customers once their project is completed to assess the quality of our work and their overall experience with us. Through this Quality Callback Program, we reach out to tens of thousands of customers every year to ensure we're constantly listening and learning how we can provide the best service possible.

The characters and messages in our new advertising campaign were inspired by actual comments made by real CertaPro customers.

Julia & The Colonel

"They kept the gate latched so The Colonel couldn't run off!"

The characters of Julia and her dog, The Colonel were inspired by a real CertaPro customer from Raleigh, NC whom we impressed by being mindful of her dogs and making sure her backyard gate was latched close so they couldn't run away.

"He said 'I see that you have pets, what are the rules we need to know about?'"

"I said 'Just let me know when you are going to go in the backyard so I can make sure the dogs are not out back. And you must latch the side gate or they will run!' And every day, I watched both guys standing there, making sure that gate was latched..."

Heather & Chelsea

"They suggested starting in the kitchen because the baby naps upstairs."

The characters, Heather and her daughter, Chelsea are based on a real family from San Diego, CA who appreciated our consideration of their day-to-day routine and planning our work schedule to make sure we didn't wake their sleeping baby.

"I really appreciated how they worked around the baby's nap time. They also took a lot of care to stay quiet as Shannon is a very light sleeper!"

Margie & Henry

"A painting company is important to us, because it's our home, so it's personal."

The characters of Margie and her husband, Henry were drawn from remarks made by a real CertaPro customer in Chicago, IL who described why she felt it was important that we gave such careful thought in working with her to prepare for her project.

"Painting is intricate, it is important, it is personal. It's so many things that the more elements that are covered or addressed, I think, well, you have thought of that and you have answered my questions before I even thought of them."

Fun Facts About the Actors Behind the Characters
  • Julia is played by Mary Kay Dearing from San Diego, CA
  • She is 87 years old
  • Mary Kay is not a professional actress by trade, but being in a TV Commercial is something she's always wanted to do...
  • As was skydiving, which she crossed off her list just a few months prior to filming
  • The dog, Colonel Mustard is not really Mary Kay's dog